London & Partners

Trust that you guys have recovered from last night’s event.

I wanted to thank you both along with your team mates for such a stupendous job done in the execution and management of the marquee concepts for not only us, but also VisitBritain and BA.

I am really pleased with the way the 3 marquees looked and our marquee was just fabulous. The backdrops were awesome, the set-up elegant and you guys really helped by being around and generating the smooth factor for all of us. I have run out of a count of the number of people who loved our marquee (concept), raved about it and wanted to know who had executed it for us.

The High Commission team paid us the supreme compliment of stating that it was like having a parallel event to the ESPN one but the great thing was that it complemented it beautifully and kept the gathering entertained and involved despite the killer humidity. The lovely ambiance, great food & drink and the live performances, outstanding luck draw and the rocking Opening Ceremony just topped it up for us.

I can pat myself on the back for the idea/s and insisting on the water-proof look and finish but the kudos for final design and execution is with Team Kaleidoscope !

Appreciate your making this event as special for me and the partners as it indeed was !

And VB, BA and the BHC team mates, I raise a toast to all your hard work and efforts !!!